New Arrival

Bixonic, previously known as the maker of the Expandora pedal in the 90s and 2000s, has returned as part of the KIKUSUI ELECTRONICS group with a new design piece of equipment, the Digital Distortion Pedal 'Axentrix A1'.  


Axentrix A1 uses a newly developed DREP (Dynamic Range Expressor Processing) technology that allows the user to adjust not just the expansion effect, which was a unique feature of the EXP-2000, but also the compression of the Input Dynamic Range.  


In addition to the three drive modes (Crunch, Overdrive, and Distortion) that were included in the previous 'Bixonic-Expandora', the ‘Axentrix A1’ officially includes Fuzz mode This was considered as a "Forbidden mode" in the 'Bixonic Expandora’. You can create your own unique sound when paired with the DREP technology accent function.  


As a new generation distortion pedal, the ‘Axentrix A1’ is an essential piece of gear for every guitarist to play a variety of music genres such as Jazz, ROCK, and Heavy Metal.  

Sound Review