FAQ -Axentrix A1

Q. How to restore the memory settings to their initial state?

To restore to factory default settings,

1.Turn the effect ON, then press and hold the SAVE button for at least 10 seconds until all the illuminations start blinking orange.
2.Then, press the SAVE, M1,M2, and M3 buttons in order within another 10 seconds before the blinking stops.

Q. I accidentally inserted the batteries backward. Could it cause any damage?

No, the multi-effect pedal is protected by a battery backward-insertion prevention circuit and will not be damaged.

Q. Can I use 9V batteries other than alkaline?

No, you can`t. 

For example, manganese batteries can only operate for a very short time (about 10 minutes). Rechargeable batteries such as lithium or nickel-metal hydride cannot be used for safety reasons. Please make sure to use alkaline batteries (6LR61).

Q. I put in new batteries, but they ran out the next day. Why is that?

The multi-effect pedal is turned on by plugging it into the input jack and turned off by unplugging it. If the input plug is plugged in, power is consumed even if True Bypass is on. Please remember to unplug the input plug when it’s not in use.

However, when the AC adapter is connected to the AC adapter jack, the battery will not be drained even if the input plug is plugged in.

Q. Is the sound flat when all the equalizers in Buffered Bypass are set to center?

No, it is adjusted to give a crisp and clear guitar sound. If you are interested in a flat Bypass sound, use True Bypass mode.

Q. Is there a dedicated AC adapter?

No, unfortunately, it is not currently available for sale. However, you can use any negative center AC adapter with regulated 9V voltage and 300mA, or more current capacity, so please purchase one separately.

Q. Some of the LEDs around the footswitch have started blinking. Is this a malfunction?

No, it is not a malfunction. The LEDs around the footswitch also serve as a battery level indicator. When the batteries are depleted, the LEDs start blinking. When the last one starts to blink, the unit is about to shut down. We recommend replacing the batteries as soon as possible.